Wedding Video Samples

The following samples come from the 2011 wedding of Kate Spencer and Rick Tripi.

Part 1 - The Ceremony

Part 2 - The First Dance

Part 3 - The Reception


A La Carte Samples

The following samples come from the 2012 wedding of Colin McCarthy and Mary Falzo. Learn about more about our "Save the Date" Movie Trailers or the "Our Story" Mini-Documentaries.

"Save the Date" Movie Trailer

"Our Story" Mini-Documentary


More Samples

The following samples come from the 2005 wedding of Joseph Marcello and Don's sister Theresa Ferlazzo. The video itself has a unique story, as it was actually filmed on multiple standard-definition cameras by several members of Don's family. The footage was left untouched until 2009 when Don edited it together as a Christmas present for Theresa & Joe. The result is the professional, full-length wedding video you see below.

Part 2 - The Wedding Party / First Dance

Part 1 - The Ceremony

Part 3 - The Reception

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